Altars: Extremes and Escapes > Studiop52 Exhibition > Saturday 21th of February 2015 > 19hs.

When obsessions become so extreme that are difficult to grasp, when meanings get lost in the loud noise of every day, build a shrine and escape the ordinary…
When extremes touch, the sacred becomes accessible…

StudioP52 presents its newst show “Altars: Extremes and Escapes”, a selection of mixed media works from international and local artists.

Join us in this religious experience!

19hs Exhibition Opening
22.30hs Performance

DJ set

Free Entrance.

Peter Burke
Lucas Cappelli
Chris Connaughton
Tomas Diez
Matt Duffell
Aimee Enders
Nell English
Aron Hartwig
Ana Loizaga
Vanessa Lunn
Areti Markopoulou
Marta Marszalek
Jess Olorenshaw
Daniel Ruiz
Gabriele Tibaldi
Mariana Luz Ticheli
Vanessa Walls
Kristoffer Wilhelmsson

Luciana Asinari
Maite Biràn
Silvia Brandi
Ornella Capelli
David Dalmazo
Mara Giliberti
Becky Hernandez
Chinos International
Lyssa Kayra
Alfredo Machalek
Mathilde Marengo
Cristian Quiñones Santander
Pilar Rodriguez Caton
Ece Tankal
Tyler Tilley

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