Studio 07 > Théophile Reygade

Picture of Fez, very important because my grand father was a butcher

” Artist ” : Théophile Reygade
Student of architecture

I’m here for echange erasmus with La Salle. I was born in a very little city in france, around the montain,so i’m really attached/love with the nature feeling. It’s very important part of me. I was a semi professional rugbyman during 3 years, i love sports.
So live in a studio like P52,this is a really different atmosphere compared to my usual but I like it a lot. It changes me, it’s a really important moment of my life …. thank you P52

Studio 11 > Caesar Cordonova

Caesar is an artist who works with all the fine art mediums he can get his hands on. he does this in an attempt to apply the differing techniques they each have to develope his own style and creativity. each field feeding into the other and providing a different perspective to the creative process. specializing in painting drawing and physical theatre, while exploring the other fields. caesar approaches his performances the same way he does any other piece of fine art, with the eyes of composition lighting depth and colors to create a visual experience on the stage. he has been an active artist now for over 15years. he is constantly looking forward to delving deeper into his work.

Studio 02 > Marte Roel

Exploring my life I have been through different periods of all sorts, from success to sorrow and art to science, collecting perspectives on what constitutes my world. For my relevance as an artist to become more plausible, I shall present rhetorically a few of the credentials that I have collected though the years, even though they are not more than stories that obtain value within our cultural paradigm. I must say that these credentials do not represent my works or my attitudes towards the world:

I have been recognized with multiple awards, including the John Bavicchi Composition Award, an Ableton award and I have been fellow of the Telmex foundation, the Mexican Council for the Arts and Culture and the Mexican Council for Science and Technology, as well as Berklee College of Music and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. I have worked in virtually all areas of contemporary music and explored the grounds of philosophy and philosophy of science, more recently I have been exploring the realm of cognitive sciences. Currently I am working on 3D sound for a EU’s project called Rehabilitation Gaming System with the support of the Mexican institutions FONCA and CONACYT. I have thrist for producing, exploring and sharing this creative experience that will break into rich redefinitions of the world.

Studio 10 > Jieun Oh

Her voice is full of self confident. Her words are no additive, no rhetoric.
Ji-eun is a singer songwriter from Seoul, Korea. She didn’t have any prejudice to any kinds of music and art. Because she believed music and art couldn’t be described as a single word.

Her open eye to the world let her sing her own songs. She experienced many interesting life. travelled a lot and met lots of people who inspired her much. At 2006, She made her debut as a member of acoustic duo named, heavenly. Heavenly had a few club gigs then applied for Yoo Jaeha’s singer songwriter competition. Heavenly won a bronze medal. Then she left the duo to start her solo career. The first album, ‘Ji-Eun‘ is a self produced album. The way of production was truly ‘self produced’. She asked her fans for a donation to fund. This was a quite fresh, because no one had produced an album as she did before.

When ‘Ji-Eun‘ was released, it became popular by word of mouth alone. ‘Ji- Eun‘ didn’t have a chance to promote like other records had because it came from totally independent. Her debut album became one of the top seller in Hyang music, which can be ‘Rough Trade Records’ in Korea.

Ji-Eun is currently working on her new book and Her long awaited 3rd studio album will be out by fall, 2012.

Fab Art @ Studio P52

FabArt at StudioP52 from lucas cappelli on Vimeo.

Video de la primera exhibicion organizada por el colectivo Fab Art en Studio P52 en Diciembre de 2011. Fab Art es un proyecto que relaciona la tecnologia con los diferentes medios de expresion artisitica, relacionandolos con el mundo fisico de una manera fluida.