Studio ki-room > Andjka

Studio ki-room >Andjka

Artist based BCN/VLN

Graphic and illustration on paper, canvas and display…

Directly from head with hands to the life. More expressions less taxi. One day someones will se somebody and explain everthink about me more, i hope, i wish you be calm in crazy sutuation and broke the rules in jungle. Help me to explore… and i help you to like me after we meat. Good luck in your decision. We can discuss about everything, but i think my work speak more thene i can imaginate, i just projector, one small part of global absolute.

You can see my works here:

Videos of my work

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  1. JAN
    March 4, 2018 at 3:23 pm

    Well I like what you said,As a junior i want some suggestion. Check my video.Thanks

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