Studio ki-room >Andjka

Artist based BCN/VLN

Graphic and illustration on paper, canvas and display…

Directly from head with hands to the life. More expressions less taxi. One day someones will se somebody and explain everthink about me more, i hope, i wish you be calm in crazy sutuation and broke the rules in jungle. Help me to explore… and i help you to like me after we meat. Good luck in your decision. We can discuss about everything, but i think my work speak more thene i can imaginate, i just projector, one small part of global absolute.

You can see my works here: and

Studio 12> Aron Hartwig

Art surrounds us in our everyday life. My belief is that everybody can interpret something as art on his or her own way.

By that I try to build up connections with other creative people from all different subjects ,to be able to contribute and create something by doing what I am good at.

Barcelona as a city is a statement on its own for exactly this matter.

Its different architectural,cultural and musical patterns are what fascinate me.

As a photographer I try to show the beautiful structures that are around us,but we as people miss,because of a lack of time to look at things in our fast and hasty society.

Studio 02> Lot Amorós

Lot Amorós
Computer engineer & transdisciplinary artist.

I use art as a strategic field of expression and research. I didn’t found in any other discipline the freedom that I need for communicate deeply conceptual information in unexpected levels, with the aim of promote critical attitudes in the society.

My works usually have a technological background seeking the hack of perception, but I always keep working within the reality, in the range of the possible, not only with its representation. By using the abstraction of computer programming for develop artwork,software gets other forms of representation and meaning. Digital counterparts needs to be re-linked in the physical world, converging in the final result. Laboratory tests should be implemented on the real world. That’s the challenge of my process.

Since I discovered the godlike position of drones, they involved me until be my main field of research. Drones crystallize the power of technology over humans. I’m gather mythologies and narratives for hypothesise the new drone society.

In my stay of several months in P52, I developed the artwork Smart
Surveillance, a representation of ubiquitous drone surveillance

Studio 01> Tom Brown

With an affinity for lo-fi technology, Australian producer Bromtown samples from rare vintage sources to create nostalgic electronica.
Working exclusively from sampled material, his subtle production has garnered him a reputation for “deep, sultry RnB”.
His DJ sets are eccentric, melding contrasting genres to generate a soulful mood. These live performances have taken him from his new hub in Barcelona to other corners of Europe in 2014. During these travels he collects moving picture and field recordings to develop original audiovisual live sets for 2015.

Studio 06>Mariana Luz Ticheli

Mariana Luz Ticheli was born in Mendoza, Argentina in 1986. She is a complete artist: she paints; designs; draws and does performance art. She has a degree in visual arts but is also a professor in the subject.

For several years she took workshops in theater, acting and dance. Today she is part of “Tres Puntos” – a Dance-theater company based in Argentina.

From 2005, she participated in many individual and group exhibitions in Argentina. Her most recent exhibitions were in Barcelona in 2014. Her work focuses on drawing and painting. She creates many characters: women that present their emotional states and memories.

From 2010 her interest and need for expression expanded and she started doing performance art in urban and official art spaces – first in Argentina and currently in Barcelona, Spain. “CAIDAS” is her latest exhibition of “performance art”, for this work she uses as reference points: the human body support, mental-physical balance and Butoh dance.

Luz is constantly searching for ways to integrate the different disciplines such as plastic, dance, theater, performance art and music.



Studio13>Aitor Aloa

Aitor Aloa is a young multi-disciplinary designer from Bilbao, Basque Country ( with knowledge and experience in different disciplines such as industrial, multimedia, audiovisual or lighting design.

He is always been interested in design, art and technology. Currently he is fascinated with the open source hardware and maker movements, which he supports with initiatives or projects like Tutomics (, Bhoreal ( and Photoduino ( Now also with Smart Citizen (


Studio 09 > Carey England

Carey studied Architecture and History of Art at the University of Michigan. She is interested in analyzing the symbiotic relations of people as subcomponents to the mechanism that is the cosmopolitan metropolis and how architecture is used as the facilitator to stimulate experiences that generate its liveliness. She enjoys deconstructing the social history of built environments that have produced cult followers to achieve a greater understanding of their developmental progression. She likes to distinguish the elements that make a community desirable in which people identify themselves with. She studies how cultures, and people interact, reciprocate, and re-appropriate spaces to meet our changing needs.

Studio 10 > Cecilia Amicone

Nacida en Argentina, pero dando vueltas por el mundo desde hace 6 años, pasando por toda Europa y sobre todo en España, donde he pintado diferentes murales artisticos. Llegue a Barcelona con la idea de estudiar bellas artes, sin embargo terminé haciendo un profesorado en Kundalini Yoga, y además me convertí en terapeuta de Reiki, en resumen: otros artes.

Me dedico a hacer diferentes tipos de arte, aunque los murales han sido donde he encontrado la mejor expresion, a traves de un trazo sensible, como lo decia uno de mis profesores.

Soy ciudadana del mundo, disfrutando la vida experimentando, aprendiendo y compartiendo.

Studio 11 > Katharine Gray

U.K./ South Africa
Visual anthropologist exploring the grey area between art and science, collecting and creating visual rarities of the still and moving variety. Currently enjoying adventures in found-footage, musicology, education, planes, trains and automobiles.

Ethnographic documentary 9 Parcelas y un Solar (2012)
Anthropology Contributor BCN Mes Newspaper

Studio 13 > Marc LeBlanc

Marc LeBlanc, is a lebanese photographer / director of photography, his work mostly revolves around documentaries, fashion, portrays and under water cinematography projects using analogue cinematic techniques.
After graduating in cinema and photography from USEK in 2009, he moved to Barcelona – Spain to take part of a master degree in under water cinematography at Afilm Sitges Spain.
He is currently working as a free lance photographer and director of photography in Barcelona – Spain.
His work has been shown in Beirut, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin.