· StudioP52 & Colectivo Umano BCN ·
~~~ #ABSURD! ~~~
A multidisciplinary exhibition, where different artists will show their own point of view of the human absurdity.
· Instalation · Paint · Photography · Sculpture · Performance · Mural
· Poetry · Design · Video · Sound ·
There will be activities, performances, interventions and other kind of absrus stuff.
Date: 10th of June 2017
Place: Carrer de Pujades, 52 (StudioP52)

Studio ki-room >Andjka

Artist based BCN/VLN

Graphic and illustration on paper, canvas and display…

Directly from head with hands to the life. More expressions less taxi. One day someones will se somebody and explain everthink about me more, i hope, i wish you be calm in crazy sutuation and broke the rules in jungle. Help me to explore… and i help you to like me after we meat. Good luck in your decision. We can discuss about everything, but i think my work speak more thene i can imaginate, i just projector, one small part of global absolute.

You can see my works here:

http://andjka.tumblr.com/ and https://vimeo.com/user5501400A

Altars: Extremes and Escapes > Studiop52 Exhibition > Saturday 21th of February 2015 > 19hs.

When obsessions become so extreme that are difficult to grasp, when meanings get lost in the loud noise of every day, build a shrine and escape the ordinary…
When extremes touch, the sacred becomes accessible…

StudioP52 presents its newst show “Altars: Extremes and Escapes”, a selection of mixed media works from international and local artists.

Join us in this religious experience!


19hs Exhibition Opening
22.30hs Performance

DJ set

Free Entrance.

Peter Burke
Lucas Cappelli
Chris Connaughton
Tomas Diez
Matt Duffell
Aimee Enders
Nell English
Aron Hartwig
Ana Loizaga
Vanessa Lunn
Areti Markopoulou
Marta Marszalek
Jess Olorenshaw
Daniel Ruiz
Gabriele Tibaldi
Mariana Luz Ticheli
Vanessa Walls
Kristoffer Wilhelmsson

Luciana Asinari
Maite Biràn
Silvia Brandi
Ornella Capelli
David Dalmazo
Mara Giliberti
Becky Hernandez
Chinos International
Lyssa Kayra
Alfredo Machalek
Mathilde Marengo
Cristian Quiñones Santander
Pilar Rodriguez Caton
Ece Tankal
Tyler Tilley

Studio 12> Aron Hartwig

Art surrounds us in our everyday life. My belief is that everybody can interpret something as art on his or her own way.

By that I try to build up connections with other creative people from all different subjects ,to be able to contribute and create something by doing what I am good at.

Barcelona as a city is a statement on its own for exactly this matter.

Its different architectural,cultural and musical patterns are what fascinate me.

As a photographer I try to show the beautiful structures that are around us,but we as people miss,because of a lack of time to look at things in our fast and hasty society.

Studio 02> Lot Amorós

Lot Amorós
Computer engineer & transdisciplinary artist.

I use art as a strategic field of expression and research. I didn’t found in any other discipline the freedom that I need for communicate deeply conceptual information in unexpected levels, with the aim of promote critical attitudes in the society.

My works usually have a technological background seeking the hack of perception, but I always keep working within the reality, in the range of the possible, not only with its representation. By using the abstraction of computer programming for develop artwork,software gets other forms of representation and meaning. Digital counterparts needs to be re-linked in the physical world, converging in the final result. Laboratory tests should be implemented on the real world. That’s the challenge of my process.

Since I discovered the godlike position of drones, they involved me until be my main field of research. Drones crystallize the power of technology over humans. I’m gather mythologies and narratives for hypothesise the new drone society.

In my stay of several months in P52, I developed the artwork Smart
Surveillance, a representation of ubiquitous drone surveillance

7 AM > Studiop52 Exhibition > Saturday 26th of April 2014 > 19hs.

StudioP52 presented a selection of works from almost 50 international artists, who through different disciplines seeked to express their own vision of “awakening”.

7AM is a look into the new awakening through our senses and a reflection about our daily life and routines…Stop sleeping. Wake up!!

Aitor Aloa Thomas M. Brown Lucas Cappelli Owen Dakin Tomas Diez Antonia Eisberg Dasha Farsh Fraser Hanna Helena Gerhard Ruby Hatfield Hashem Joucka Natalie Lonsdale Olivia Lux Areti Markopoulou Thomas Minten Dimitri Rowe Mariana Luz Ticheli Meg Vandezande
Hannes Andersson Luciana Asinari Silvia Brandi Maite Biràn David Dalmazzo Alexandre Dubor Claudia Eres Anna Fando Gersound Mara Giliberti Oti Goodhind Tom Haiton My maanmies Mathilde Marengo Diego Martin Nayade  Martín Pérez Anastasia Pistofidou Anna Popova Chirag Rangholia Bridgit Thomas Ondeone Trbdsgn

7AM > Studiop52 Exhibition > Saturday 26th of April 2014 > 19hs.

StudioP52 presented a selection of works from almost 50 international artists, who through different disciplines seeked to express their own vision of “awakening”.

7AM is a look into the new awakening through our senses and a reflection about our daily life and routines…Stop sleeping. Wake up!!

Aitor Aloa Thomas M. Brown Lucas Cappelli Owen Dakin Tomas Diez Antonia Eisberg Dasha Farsh Fraser Hanna Helena Gerhard Ruby Hatfield Hashem Joucka Natalie Lonsdale Olivia Lux Areti Markopoulou Thomas Minten Dimitri Rowe Mariana Luz Ticheli Meg Vandezande
Hannes Andersson Luciana Asinari Silvia Brandi Maite Biràn David Dalmazzo Alexandre Dubor Claudia Eres Anna Fando Gersound Mara Giliberti Oti Goodhind Tom Haiton My maanmies Mathilde Marengo Diego Martin Nayade  Martín Pérez Anastasia Pistofidou Anna Popova Chirag Rangholia Bridgit Thomas Ondeone Trbdsgn

Studio 01> Tom Brown

With an affinity for lo-fi technology, Australian producer Bromtown samples from rare vintage sources to create nostalgic electronica.
Working exclusively from sampled material, his subtle production has garnered him a reputation for “deep, sultry RnB”.
His DJ sets are eccentric, melding contrasting genres to generate a soulful mood. These live performances have taken him from his new hub in Barcelona to other corners of Europe in 2014. During these travels he collects moving picture and field recordings to develop original audiovisual live sets for 2015.

7 AM > Studiop52 Exhibition > Saturday 26th of April 2014 > 19hs.

Art + Interaction + Performance + Music !

StudioP52 presents a selection of works from almost 50 international artists, who through different disciplines seek to express their own vision of “awakening”..
 7AM  is a look into the new awakening through our senses and a reflection about our daily life and routines…Stop sleeping. Wake up!
Join us in this artistic… vortex!
19hs Exhibition Opening
21hs Performance
22hs Reactable Demo
Free Entrance.
Aitor Aloa Thomas M. Brown Lucas Cappelli Owen Dakin Tomas Diez Antonia Eisberg Dasha Farsh Fraser Hanna Helena Gerhard Ruby Hatfield Hashem Joucka Natalie Lonsdale Olivia Lux Areti Markopoulou Thomas Minten Dimitri Rowe Mariana Luz Ticheli Meg Vandezande
Hannes Andersson Luciana Asinari Silvia Brandi Maite Biràn David Dalmazzo Alexandre Dubor Claudia Eres Anna Fando Gersound Mara Giliberti Oti Goodhind Tom Haiton My maanmies Mathilde Marengo Diego Martin Nayade  Martín Pérez Anastasia Pistofidou Anna Popova Chirag Rangholia Bridgit Thomas Ondeone Trbdsgn

Studio 06>Mariana Luz Ticheli

Mariana Luz Ticheli was born in Mendoza, Argentina in 1986. She is a complete artist: she paints; designs; draws and does performance art. She has a degree in visual arts but is also a professor in the subject.

For several years she took workshops in theater, acting and dance. Today she is part of “Tres Puntos” – a Dance-theater company based in Argentina.

From 2005, she participated in many individual and group exhibitions in Argentina. Her most recent exhibitions were in Barcelona in 2014. Her work focuses on drawing and painting. She creates many characters: women that present their emotional states and memories.

From 2010 her interest and need for expression expanded and she started doing performance art in urban and official art spaces – first in Argentina and currently in Barcelona, Spain. “CAIDAS” is her latest exhibition of “performance art”, for this work she uses as reference points: the human body support, mental-physical balance and Butoh dance.

Luz is constantly searching for ways to integrate the different disciplines such as plastic, dance, theater, performance art and music.




Studio13>Aitor Aloa

Aitor Aloa is a young multi-disciplinary designer from Bilbao, Basque Country (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basque_Country_(greater_region)) with knowledge and experience in different disciplines such as industrial, multimedia, audiovisual or lighting design.

He is always been interested in design, art and technology. Currently he is fascinated with the open source hardware and maker movements, which he supports with initiatives or projects like Tutomics (http://goteo.org/project/tutomics/), Bhoreal (http://goteo.org/project/bhoreal/) and Photoduino (http://photoduino.com/). Now also with Smart Citizen (http://smartcitizen.me/).


Exhibition "Inefable" at StudioP52 from Leon Guallart on Vimeo.

INEFABLE Exhibition at StudioP52 video by Leonmen

INEFABLE is our last event at Studio P52. Here is the video with the resume of an amazing night of painting, performance, interactive art and much more.

Artists exhibiting: Cecilia Amicone, Hannes Annderson, Luciana Asinari, Ioana Bacanu, Marc LeBlanc, Martina Bozokova, Ciça Bracale, Lucas Cappelli, Ovidiu Cincheza, Tomas Diez, Dyox, Hiba El Youssoufi, Rikke Frances Wahl, Mara Giliberti, Daniel Gonzales, Katharine Gray, Martin Gutmann, Håvard Hølland, Tony Higuchi, Janet Jaeyeon Chon, Areti Markopoulou, Leo Maratrat, Daniela Medina, Noemi Moreno Moreno, Glazione Rocha, Anastasia Pistofidou, Axel Stentun, Laila Tafur.

Video by: Leon Guallart (Leonmen)

404 – INEFABLE. Studio P52 Exhibition. Saturday 11th of May. 20hrs

Which frequencies could allow us listen to each other?
Which senses, numbers, dialects, what means, which actions?
404 INEFABLE is a celebration of any kind of communication, perception and social interaction.

On May 11th, StudioP52 presents a selection of works by 20 international artists who propose different lectures and expressions on any transfer of information.

Evolution,Diversity, and Reconstruction.
Senses,History and Codes!

Come join us to an art explosion and a theory of MANY MINDS!

20.00. Exhibition Opening
21.30. Performance INEFABLE (I)
22.00. Performance INEFABLE (II)
22.30. BEATSPOKE Live Concert
23.30. Dj Leo-Dj Axel, Dj Sara

Artists exhibiting:
Cecilia Amicone
Hannes Annderson
Luciana Asinari
Ioana Bacanu
Marc LeBlanc
Martina Bozokova
Ciça Bracale
Lucas Cappelli
Ovidiu Cincheza
Tomas Diez
Hiba El Youssoufi
Rikke Frances Wahl
Mara Giliberti
Daniel Gonzales
Katharine Gray
Martin Gutmann
Håvard Hølland
Tony Higuchi
Janet Jaeyeon Chon
Areti Markopoulou
Leo Maratrat
Daniela Medina
Noemi Moreno Moreno
Glazione Rocha
Anastasia Pistofidou
Axel Stentun
Laila Tafur

Colabora: Estrella Damm


Studio 09 > Carey England

Carey studied Architecture and History of Art at the University of Michigan. She is interested in analyzing the symbiotic relations of people as subcomponents to the mechanism that is the cosmopolitan metropolis and how architecture is used as the facilitator to stimulate experiences that generate its liveliness. She enjoys deconstructing the social history of built environments that have produced cult followers to achieve a greater understanding of their developmental progression. She likes to distinguish the elements that make a community desirable in which people identify themselves with. She studies how cultures, and people interact, reciprocate, and re-appropriate spaces to meet our changing needs.

Studio 10 > Cecilia Amicone

Nacida en Argentina, pero dando vueltas por el mundo desde hace 6 años, pasando por toda Europa y sobre todo en España, donde he pintado diferentes murales artisticos. Llegue a Barcelona con la idea de estudiar bellas artes, sin embargo terminé haciendo un profesorado en Kundalini Yoga, y además me convertí en terapeuta de Reiki, en resumen: otros artes.

Me dedico a hacer diferentes tipos de arte, aunque los murales han sido donde he encontrado la mejor expresion, a traves de un trazo sensible, como lo decia uno de mis profesores.

Soy ciudadana del mundo, disfrutando la vida experimentando, aprendiendo y compartiendo.

Studio 08 > Janet Jaeyeon Chon

Little philosopher from Seoul, Korea.

I came to Barcelona to be honest to myself. And I fell in love with Barcelona, myself and you.
I just want to share my life with you and laugh about it.
That is all. That is all what I want.

Studio 03 > Glazione Rocha

Cool and Brazilian.
What else is there to get you going on Brazil ?
…Some of you may not be familiar with the art of fresh new talents from South America. Hailing from Rio, I’ve been a busy bee blowing unique, fresh, and forward-thinking design. I came in Barcelona one year ago and I tried to do my stuff based on unending work ethic and a determination to succeed no matter what.
I don’t force things. I think that people who force things get forced out. I let it come to me naturally, slowly, pace myself, have fun, and I do it as long as I love it. Otherwise, it’s not worth doing.
Seriously, I just have fun… and this journey brought me here, in love with art. I’m gonna heat elements of skateboarding, brazilian culture and underground Barcelona around the glowing core of creativity to create one of the lushest fusions in the scene!

Studio 11 > Katharine Gray

U.K./ South Africa
Visual anthropologist exploring the grey area between art and science, collecting and creating visual rarities of the still and moving variety. Currently enjoying adventures in found-footage, musicology, education, planes, trains and automobiles.

Ethnographic documentary 9 Parcelas y un Solar (2012)
Anthropology Contributor BCN Mes Newspaper

Studio 07 > Hiba El Youssoufi

Sound gives measure, depth and shape to the spaces we inhabit. My work is about seeking this close relationship between what we feel and what we experience, in this hysterical world. It’s all about music and architecture, silence and light, moments we live and spaces we love … from Meknès, Marrakesh, Paris and Barcelona, to Somewhere.


Studio 13 > Marc LeBlanc

Marc LeBlanc, is a lebanese photographer / director of photography, his work mostly revolves around documentaries, fashion, portrays and under water cinematography projects using analogue cinematic techniques.
After graduating in cinema and photography from USEK in 2009, he moved to Barcelona – Spain to take part of a master degree in under water cinematography at Afilm Sitges Spain.
He is currently working as a free lance photographer and director of photography in Barcelona – Spain.
His work has been shown in Beirut, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin.

Studio 12 > Martin Gutmann

“Wandering between the circumstances I encounter in my life I’m always trying to get rid of my preoccupations, trying to find and welcome the positive aspects and integrate them into my conglomerate of – sometimes – contradictory interrests.

My life so far:
From the east to the west – from the austrian countryside to the world – from building and mechanical assembly to history – from history to architecture, to art, to daoism, to photography, from one extreme to the other.

supernova t - 34 from DonUan on Vimeo.

SUPERNOVA T-34 > The world is not the same anymore

The end of the world is usually taken as a catastrophic event in which a big tsunami, a massive volcano, or an asteroid will hit the planet and make us disappear. The mayans believed that the end of the world refers to the end of a thousands of year cycle, in which we will enter in a new energetic era, and the world as we know it will change. If you think about the last 20 years, you can realize that it just happened, the world has changed, we have changed, and will continuing changing. In StudioP52 we just wanted to make a cool and new age excuse to organize one of our periodical events, which counted with a great set of artists, creators and performers from Barcelona and the world.
SUPERNOVA T-34 gathered a fantastic group of creative people who wanted to express in different ways what the end of the world means to them, from the more artistic and abstract perspective to the direct relation with our planet and the implications of its disappearance.

Artists who performed in SUPERNOVA:
Ioana Bacanu
Philippe Bertrand
Martina Bozokova
Lucas Cappelli
Janet Jaeyeon Chon
Ovidiu Cincheza
Tomas Diez
Hannes DonUan
Eva Domènech
Hiba El Youssoufi
Paola Milovic Fabregat
Daniel González Franco
Katharine Gray
Martin Gutmann
Tony Higutchi
Michal Kukucka
Areti Markopoulou
Claudia Oliviera
Alejandro Padron
Nacho Padron
Cristobal Pereira
Marte Roel
Yannick Julien Rohrer
Axel Stentun
Rikke Frances Wahl
Colectivo Friendship
Rayo Verde
Visuales Nidra
Doru Mihai Talos
Pablo Valencia

SUPERNOVA T-34 – 16th of November, 19:00 @ StudioP52

When? 16th of November, 19hrs
Where? StudioP52, Pujades street 102

What’s next?

The 2012 phenomenon comprises a range of eschatological beliefs according to which cataclysmic or transformative events will occur on 21 December 2012. This date is regarded as the end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar.

On November 16, 2012, StudioP52 presents a selection of works by 25 international artists who propose different lectures of the possible changes that would be made before this hypothetical radical mutation of reality.

Chaos, reversals, cataclysm and darkness.
Energy, luminosity, transformation and birth!
Come join us to an art explosion for the new era- an approach of the end or a vision of a new beginning.

Apocalypse soon…



El Fenómeno de 2012 es una creencia escatológica que sostiene que el día del solsticio de diciembre del año 2012 ocurrirá el fin del mundo o el mundo como lo conocemos, dando lugar al fin de una civilización y al comienzo de otra. El solsticio sucederá el 21 de diciembre de 2012.

A muy pocas semanas de que este acontecimiento tenga lugar, el dia 16 de Noviembre de 2012, StudioP52 presenta una seleccion de trabajos realizados por 21 artistas internacionales que propondran diferentes lecturas de los posibles cambios que se efectuarian ante esta hipotetica mutacion radical de la realidad.

Ven y únete a nosotros en una explosión de arte unico: un diferente enfoque del final, o la visión de un nuevo comienzo.



Ioana Bacanu
Philippe Bertrand
Martina Bozokova
Lucas Cappelli
Janet Jaeyeon Chon
Ovidiu Cincheza
Tomas Diez
Hannes DonUan
Eva Domènech
Hiba El Youssoufi
Paola Milovic Fabregat
Daniel González Franco
Katharine Gray
Martin Gutmann
Tony Higutchi
Michal Kukucka
Areti Markopoulou
Claudia Oliviera
Alejandro Padron
Nacho Padron
Cristobal Pereira
Marte Roel
Yannick Julien Rohrer
Axel Stentun
Rikke Frances Wahl
Colectivo Friendship
Rayo Verde
Visuales Nidra


StudioP52 at Get Set Festival 2012 > Oporto

studio p52 @ Get Set Festival from Ovidiu Cincheza on Vimeo.

Part of the StudioP52 crew (Lucas, Michal, Ovidiu and Tomas) was invited to the 2012 edition of the Get Set Festival in Oporto. The festival is a gathering of art, technology and creativity which happens once a year in the center of the Portuguese city. This year Get Set Festival will be is 3 differente Places. Cinema Trindade will host all lectures and some workshops. The House will host few exhibition under the theme “Decadent Beauty” and some workshops will be given at the Opo’Lab space.

StudioP52 had different participations: we brought an installation called ScreamBox, based on the well known ScreenBooth, both conceived by Ovidiu Cincheza, and designed by Michal Kukucka. We also presented the StudioP52 project in the night of Friday, sharing with the audience how to build a creative and collaborative space out of a destroyed building, pretty much related with the subject of the festival.

You can see the pictures of the ScreamBox here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.357912474299096.86045.357781354312208&type=1

We will post the video of the conference soon!

Studio P52 - El Poblejoc from DonUan on Vimeo.

El Poble Joc Video

Video about the creation and execution of the Studio P52 event El Poblejoc held in Studio P52 in Barcelona, Spain.
Video by DonUan Visual (resident at p52)
photos generated by the jump booth can be found @ facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4725456373494.191482.1207180161&type=1

El Poble Joc > Thursday 13th of September 2012

Next StudioP52 opening: Poblejoc, vols jugar?

When? Thursday 13th of September 2012
What? An event organized by StudioP52 family to celebrate creativity and community with the Poble Nou neighborhood
Where? at StudioP52, Pujades 52, Barcelona

Come and share with us in a interactive and colaborative opening!

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/221726904622300/

Poblejoc, vols jugar?

Pinta, salta, construeix, pedaleja, imagina i mor. Descobreix què tens en comú amb la gent del barri participant en divertits treballs artístics. Tot cap en el joc.

Ens veiem d’aqui poc.


Poblejoc, quieres jugar?

Pinta, salta, construye, pedalea, imagina y muere. Descubre qué tienes en común con la gente del barrio participando en divertidos trabajos artísticos. Todo cabe en el juego.

!Nos vemos en el pueblo nuevo!


Poblejoc, wanna play?

Paint, jump, build, pedal, imagine and die. Discover what you have in common with people from the neighborhood taking part in playful artworks. Come to have fun in Poblenou!

+ info: www.studiop52.com

Studio 05 > Jaouad Lizati

Jaouad Lizati

Director of Communications and Web Development Engineer

Dedicated freelance worker for almost 10 years in the field of multimedia communications. I have a practical experience in all web trades, from creation to photography, development to integration, optimization to marketing, in positions from project manager to branch manager.

Web Perso : lizati.net -> http://www.lizati.net
Agency : bam-maroc.com -> http://www.bam-maroc.com
Application : Toolti.com -> http://www.toolti.com

Studio 03 > Yannick Rohrer

Considering myself as a citizen of the world, I am constantly looking for new experiences and contact with different cultures. Born in Switzerland, but living in countries such as Colombia and Brazil, I decided to follow a hospitality career based on that multi-cultural aspect of my life. I am currently studying hospitality in Lausanne from where I left for a 6 month internship. My passion for art brought me to Barcelona where I will be staying for that time. This city is a stage to my eyes where inspiration comes from any level. I hope to learn from other artists, locals or passing just like me, in the hope of creating the best combination possible between my passion and my professional life. My work represents nature in it’s most colorful and psychedelic aspects. Painted flowers never die!

Non5ens3 > Studio p52 Exhibition > Saturday 28th of April 2012

Join us on Saturday, April 28th at NonSense 5.2 event at StudioP52*, www.studiop52.com

NonSense 5.2 is a celebration of our senses.
Come explore your sensory perceptivity** through an interactive representation of what we find when exploring our´s.

20.00 > Opening Exhibition
21.00-22.00 > Interactive Performance Installation
22.00-23.00 > Live band by ¨Sofphie and friends¨
23.00-23.15 > Dancing Performance, ¨The fire¨
23.15-00.15 > Dj Kuba
00.15-01.15 > Dj Vilma

*) Studio P52
an international platform for communal creation with 15 multidisciplinar resident artists

**) sensory perceptivity
the ability to perceive, to feel. Tests for this are based on the assumption that the observer can differentiate between a reflex response and a central perception.

Studio 03 > James Cronin

Artist: James Cronin / UK
Graphic Designer

Currently on the Erasmus exchange programme, studying Diseno Grafico in Bau, Escuela de Diseno not far from the studio. I have a passion for innovative design and communicating with an audience. My role as a Graphic Designer is to solve problems visually and create work that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.

Please feel free to check out my portfolio and blog below:



Studio 13 > Mark Nieborg

My name is Mark Nieborg, I’m 28 years old and from The Netherlands. I’ve only been in Barcelona for a few months, but I feel at home already. I graduated Psychology 2 years ago, now I’m trying to combine it with my longtime passion; Art. Currently working for Apple but it’s not slowing me down from realizing my dream; starting a business and doing projects in which I can combine both Psychology and Arts. A part from helping people, I’m focussing on introducing different forms of Art in the life of kids. Developing the talent that’s already there….

Studio 05 > Laila Tafur + Mike Guerrero

Laila Tafur

She likes to work mostly on borders, between image and action, performance and installation. Using the body as a tool to transcend physical and theoretical domains. Her baggage is the one of dancer, from classical ballet to non-technique things, keeping the questions about professional and amateur, well done and bad done, right and wrong. She developed her career between Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Berlin, Lisbon, Barcelona, Ibiza and Granada in order to mount up a long list of skill, experiences, habits, information around what performance is or how is the future for contemporary dance, and in her own words: “I didn’t find any answer at the moment. Maybe out of Europe, in a place with no memory in contemporary dance, a fresh spot…”

Mike Guerrero

One day he decided to leave his career from the world of construction to do a discovery trip in India. There, drawing between temples, cities and dust, he discovered that his vocation was to design. Back to his original town in Granada he worked developing projects in urban scale; within the network Murcia31, obtainning several prizes. Later, he founded Miga Arquitectura with the artist and programmer Ángel Muñoz, after receiving the Andalusian Design Prize. After leaving his activity in Miga he started his research in structures based in sand; assisted by prototyping systems added to industrial machines. Building several sculptures on the desert of Sahara and the beach of Barceloneta; His activity is now focused on the parametric production of solar houses, performance scenography and sculptures that distort rizomatic orders…

Studio 07 > Théophile Reygade

Picture of Fez, very important because my grand father was a butcher

” Artist ” : Théophile Reygade
Student of architecture

I’m here for echange erasmus with La Salle. I was born in a very little city in france, around the montain,so i’m really attached/love with the nature feeling. It’s very important part of me. I was a semi professional rugbyman during 3 years, i love sports.
So live in a studio like P52,this is a really different atmosphere compared to my usual but I like it a lot. It changes me, it’s a really important moment of my life …. thank you P52

Studio 11 > Caesar Cordonova

Caesar is an artist who works with all the fine art mediums he can get his hands on. he does this in an attempt to apply the differing techniques they each have to develope his own style and creativity. each field feeding into the other and providing a different perspective to the creative process. specializing in painting drawing and physical theatre, while exploring the other fields. caesar approaches his performances the same way he does any other piece of fine art, with the eyes of composition lighting depth and colors to create a visual experience on the stage. he has been an active artist now for over 15years. he is constantly looking forward to delving deeper into his work.

Studio 02 > Marte Roel

Exploring my life I have been through different periods of all sorts, from success to sorrow and art to science, collecting perspectives on what constitutes my world. For my relevance as an artist to become more plausible, I shall present rhetorically a few of the credentials that I have collected though the years, even though they are not more than stories that obtain value within our cultural paradigm. I must say that these credentials do not represent my works or my attitudes towards the world:

I have been recognized with multiple awards, including the John Bavicchi Composition Award, an Ableton award and I have been fellow of the Telmex foundation, the Mexican Council for the Arts and Culture and the Mexican Council for Science and Technology, as well as Berklee College of Music and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. I have worked in virtually all areas of contemporary music and explored the grounds of philosophy and philosophy of science, more recently I have been exploring the realm of cognitive sciences. Currently I am working on 3D sound for a EU’s project called Rehabilitation Gaming System with the support of the Mexican institutions FONCA and CONACYT. I have thrist for producing, exploring and sharing this creative experience that will break into rich redefinitions of the world.

Studio 10 > Jieun Oh

Her voice is full of self confident. Her words are no additive, no rhetoric.
Ji-eun is a singer songwriter from Seoul, Korea. She didn’t have any prejudice to any kinds of music and art. Because she believed music and art couldn’t be described as a single word.

Her open eye to the world let her sing her own songs. She experienced many interesting life. travelled a lot and met lots of people who inspired her much. At 2006, She made her debut as a member of acoustic duo named, heavenly. Heavenly had a few club gigs then applied for Yoo Jaeha’s singer songwriter competition. Heavenly won a bronze medal. Then she left the duo to start her solo career. The first album, ‘Ji-Eun‘ is a self produced album. The way of production was truly ‘self produced’. She asked her fans for a donation to fund. This was a quite fresh, because no one had produced an album as she did before.

When ‘Ji-Eun‘ was released, it became popular by word of mouth alone. ‘Ji- Eun‘ didn’t have a chance to promote like other records had because it came from totally independent. Her debut album became one of the top seller in Hyang music, which can be ‘Rough Trade Records’ in Korea.

Ji-Eun is currently working on her new book and Her long awaited 3rd studio album will be out by fall, 2012.

Fab Art @ Studio P52

FabArt at StudioP52 from lucas cappelli on Vimeo.

Video de la primera exhibicion organizada por el colectivo Fab Art en Studio P52 en Diciembre de 2011. Fab Art es un proyecto que relaciona la tecnologia con los diferentes medios de expresion artisitica, relacionandolos con el mundo fisico de una manera fluida.

eme3+urban activators @ StudioP52/Monday 30th January ,17.00

StudioP52 hosted the Urban Activators workshop, consisting on a huge Inflatable structure setup at the spaces of our building, allowing performances and community exchange within ephimeral structures:

more about the workshop:
The International Architecture Festival EME3 presents the Urban Activators workshop that will be hosted at the COAC (Col·legi Oficial d’Arquitectes de Catalunya), as part of their eme3_on activities program. The workshop will be a professional forum, live public installation and an exhibition discussing the informal processes of activating our urban environment. Most importantly this workshop will promote and communicate the rich quantity of unsolicited urban actions, interventions and activations that recent world events have been proposing, debating and enacting.

Urban Activators calls on architects, designers, activists and the general public for new strategies of public activation. Our proposal for the Urban Activators workshop is to work on inflatable devices, light and portable pavilions which may temporarily activate public space within the city of Barcelona, Spain.

Design and construct Mobile-Elastic-Portable Inflatable structures with an objective to turn public areas into active spaces.

17.00: Inflatable structure demonstration
17.30: Live broadcast BTV
17.45:P52 Structure Installation
18.00: Live jazz band + Aperitif
21.00: End event

Fab Art @ StudioP52 – December 17th 2012

FabArt is a group exploring new contact points between artistic creation and the new media of digital fabrication, through the creation of new production methods that link the physical with the informational world.

Opening Exhibition: Participation of 25 International Artists
Mi Arma, Contemporary Dance by Laila Tafur
Summer Showers, Caesar C. / Butoh
LIVE Concert by BEATSPOKE, www.beatspoke.com

FabArt 2011. by Lucas C./ Areti M./ Tomas D.
In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture,Government of Spain

participating artists:
Alejandro Padrón (a.k.a. Drojan)/ alfonso borragán/Alex Posada- Miguel Herras- Guillem Camprodon- Tomas Diez- Tomás Vivanco- Areti Mark/ Anastasia Pistofidou/ Ariana Cardenas & Sharon Lomanno/ Arnau Musach Sobrevias/ bistü/ Caesar C./ Christos Gikas/David Dalmazzo/ Gwenael Lacroix/ Irene Vilchez Cañizares/ Janine Marie Conley/ Jenna Mann/ Kara Liebowitz/Ki Smith/ Kosmik/ Laila Tafur/ Lucas Cappelli/ Michal Kukucka/Mike Guerrero/ Ovidiu Cincheza/ P.Ankh/ Paula Lobeck/ Pral2a & RodriGoBlind/ Stephanie Moran/Theophile Reygade/ Vilma

Pictures by: Hannes Andersson

FabArt > Studio P52 > Sab 17 de Diciembre 2011

FabArt es un colectivo que explora nuevos puntos de contacto entre la creación artística y los nuevos medios de la fabricación digital, a través de la creación de nuevos métodos de producción que vinculan el mundo fisico con el digital.

El Sábado 17 de Diciembre se expondran trabajos y se haran performances relacionados con FabArt en StudioP52

20.00: Apertura de la exposición: la participación de 25 artistas internacionales
21.00: Mi Arma, Danza Contemporanea por Laila Tafur
21.15: Summer Showers, Caesar C. / Butoh
22.00: concierto en vivo de http://www.beatspoke.com/ BEATSPOKE,

FabArt 2011. por Lucas C. / Areti M. / Tomás D.
En colaboración con el Ministerio de Cultura del Gobierno de España

Studio 04 > Hannes Andersson

streetshaman from DonUan on Vimeo.

Hannes Andersson DonUan.
VJ/ Videographer/ Illustrator/ Visual Installation Artist.

Art in the name of science, or vice versa.
What we see, changes who we are.

Studio 12 > Ariana

Ariana Cardenas Vargas
Actress / Audiovisual artist

Short Bio: Moving in the area between film and theater, I use my video editing studies and my work as an actress to play with multi-visual arts as I experiment with disguise. Currently studying musical theater,  feeling curious about video art and VJing, and developing a project that uses burlesque to work with the body and elements of undressing as a tool to change attitudes and prejudices against the female natural body in today’s society.  It’s showtime!

HALLOWEEN @ P52!. Monday 31st Oct 2011. 20hs

Monday 31st Oct 2011. 20hs
Come Dressed Up!
Free Entrance: BYOB (trae tu bebida)

Studio 10 > Jenna

Jenna Mann

I was raised in Brooklyn, New York. I started learning how to develop film and work in a darkroom when I was 11 years old and since then have always pursed my interest in the process of developing pictures. I often use old cameras including a Polaroid in which for the past two years I have dedicated to producing my artwork. I also sometimes like to draw my photographs. I try to incorporate my interest in psychology into my work.

Studio 09 > Janine

Janine Marie Conley – BA Hons Interior Architecture and Design
Homes: UK, Cairo, Dubai and Barcelona

Inspirations: Everywhere and Everything
Current interest: Urban Design
Why Barcelona?..
The Kiosk- Japanese Teriyaki Burgers
The diverse nationalities
The Regular and Irregular streets that help me to get lost and make new discoveries everyday

Studio 08 > Stephanie

Stephanie Moran – painter/sculptor

I am a recent graduate of History of Art, and have moved here from London to do an art foundation course. I am from Palestine, Greece, and the UK and grew up in Jamaica, Jordan, and Belgium. My passions are music, travelling, film, cooking, art and architecture. I work mainly with painting and sculpture, but am open to experimenting with all materials.

Studio 06 > Ovidiu

Cincheza Ovidiu Călin
Date and place of birth: 21 April 1982, Timisoara, Romania

Contact: 0034 622 301 160 / ovidiu.cincheza@gmail.com / www.ovidiucincheza.com / Barcelona, Spain
2011 – present Fotografia Autor, Institut D’Estudis Fotografics de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
2005-2006 Master in Science “Automotive Embedded Systems”, University Politehnica Timisoara, Romania
2000-2005 BS Computer Science, Faculty of Automations and Computers, University Politehnica Timisoara, Romania
1996-2000 highschool “Grigore Moisil”, Timisoara
Activity area: Photography

Exhibitions :
2005-2010 Multiple group exhibitions with Iris Photo Club in various locations Timisoara
2009 – “Intimacy in the public space Bucharest-Berlin” Transylvania International Film Festival, Cluj, Romania

Studio 02 > Kara

Kara Liebowitz, Artist and Anthropology student 

I am a New York City based artist and a student of Anthropology at New York University as well. 
In terms of my process relating to my painting, I like to work large because it allows me to move freely with my body, arm, and hand. In turn, I primarily paint with oils because of the fluidity and expressiveness which they allow me. My focus right now is on figurative paintings of women. I hope to explore the relationship between gender and sexuality in terms of representation, ideas, attitudes, actions, beliefs, and practices. It is possible to interpret the women I depict as an objectification of women in general so I think it important to emphasize that my goal is not to perpetuate stereotypes that entrap women.
I believe there to be a great deal of strength that can be derived from one’s sexuality and it is pivotal to the construction of selfhood. I struggle to understand this with my paintings and ultimately I hope to challenge paradigms about art by making people question themselves.
I reside in a fifth floor walkup in the West Village (Greenwich Village in Manhattan) with two hairless cats named Igby and Nefertiti. Their natural curiosity and off beat looks and demeanor inspire me.

Studio 03 > Paula


Originally from Germany, I spent the last ten years living in New York, Paris, Montreal and Cairo. Away from more familiar shores, including a possible career as an international lawyer, I came to P52 to explore my passion for photography and discover new oceans.

Studio 01 > Michal + Martina

Michal Kukucka, Industrial designer / Martina Bozokova, Barmaid

We came to Barcelona having already decided to stay and it worked out :) Martina is a skillfull barmaid, and she loves put smiles on people’s faces with her delicious cocktails. After she gets everyone drunk, then she passes the time by drawing on them :)  
After i finished my industrial design degree, i came to Barcelona for my internship and now i’m focusing my attention an creating industrial designs of any kind. I love to design practical objects of everyday needs, with eye catching aesthetics, balanced proportions and comfortable ergonomics.
more at http://www.coroflot.com/miffo


Artist: Caroline Ragozzino/France
Fashion Designer

French, originally from Italy, I studied languages and international business before specializing myself in Fashion and Design in Paris.
Having a passion for these sectors, I travelled a lot and worked for the largest groups such as L’Oréal and Inditex Group.
I speak 4 languages, I love dancing, cooking and I am an Hipstamatic addict :-) with which I shot my pictures…


Artist: Aki Weston Murai/Japan

My name is Aki Weston Murai, my blood is from Tokio, but I was born in Los Ángeles. Therefore, i stand in between those two culturesI love both Kaminarimon and downtown LA. I am a writer of poems and short novels, sometimes I also draw..


Artist: Fanny Loustalet/France
Event Planner


Artist: Silvia Lackner/Austria


Artist: Christopher Henri/France

me : .music. (tinkering)
and I think about water, often,
and dance in this theatre on fire, sometimes.


Artist: Maria Skjonsberg/Norway
Textile Artist

My work is related to pattern.
Pattern as structural,
symmetric, asymmetric
and a repetition of a set of lines and forms.

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Artist: Alexandra Rivet/France

Haze is a work who’s presented at the P52 Studio for the first time,
I present photography, video and dancing performances.
This project is at first a human experience, a meeting with dancers and a musician.
The topic of is work is how to show dance and how to dance in a different way.



Artist: David Evans/U.K

I’m David. I read some things and write some things, often about bicycles but sometimes about more interesting things.


Artist: Sanjin Ulezic/Slovenia

Interested in exploring the social implications of art and culture, especially in a community setting


Artist: Mairym Llorens/ Puerto Rico
Music producer

I am a graduate student of cognition and language. I like to mingle between mediums, working with audio, visuals and neuroscience.


Artist: Jason Sadural/U.S.A


Artist: Zane/U.K