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CAOS – Lo impredecible del orden

Entendemos caos y orden no como antónimos, sino como complementarios en términos de creación. Sin embargo, debido a variaciones lingüísticas el significado de la palabra ‘caos’ se desplazó a desorden. La palabra ‘caos’ refiere a lo impredecible. “… in all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order…” -Carl Jung Tomando como…

Mixed Arts P52 Exhibition

June 29 & 30 / 2019 The resident artists from the StudioP52 organized an exhibition to show the works they have been working from the previous months. The exhibition showed paintings, sculpture, photography, digital art, films, fashion design, live poetry, live music and more..


· StudioP52 & Colectivo Umano BCN ·

~~~ #ABSURD! ~~~
A multidisciplinary exhibition, where different artists will show their own point of view of the human absurdity.
· Instalation · Paint · Photography · Sculpture · Performance · Mural
· Poetry · Design · Video · Sound ·
There will be activities, performances, interventions and other kind of absrus stuff.

Date: 10th of June 2017
Place: Carrer de Pujades, 52 (StudioP52)

Altars: Extremes and Escapes > Studiop52 Exhibition > Saturday 21th of February 2015 > 19hs.

When obsessions become so extreme that are difficult to grasp, when meanings get lost in the loud noise of every day, build a shrine and escape the ordinary… When extremes touch, the sacred becomes accessible… StudioP52 presents its newst show “Altars: Extremes and Escapes”, a selection of mixed media works from international and local artists.…

7 AM > Studiop52 Exhibition > Saturday 26th of April 2014 

7 AM > Studiop52 Exhibition > Saturday 26th of April 2014

StudioP52 presented a selection of works from almost 50 international artists, who through different disciplines seeked to express their own vision of “awakening”.

7AM is a look into the new awakening through our senses and a reflection about our daily life and routines…Stop sleeping. Wake up!!

Aitor Aloa Thomas M. Brown Lucas Cappelli Owen Dakin Tomas Diez Antonia Eisberg Dasha Farsh Fraser Hanna Helena Gerhard Ruby Hatfield Hashem Joucka Natalie Lonsdale Olivia Lux Areti Markopoulou Thomas Minten Dimitri Rowe Mariana Luz Ticheli Meg Vandezande

Hannes Andersson Luciana Asinari Silvia Brandi Maite Biràn David Dalmazzo Alexandre Dubor Claudia Eres Anna Fando Gersound Mara Giliberti Oti Goodhind Tom Haiton My maanmies Mathilde Marengo Diego Martin Nayade Martín Pérez Anastasia Pistofidou Anna Popova Chirag Rangholia Bridgit Thomas Ondeone Trbdsgn

404 – INEFABLE. Studio P52 Exhibition. Saturday 11th of May

INEFABLE is our last event at Studio P52. Here is the video with the resume of an amazing night of painting, performance, interactive art and much more. Artists exhibiting: Cecilia Amicone, Hannes Annderson, Luciana Asinari, Ioana Bacanu, Marc LeBlanc, Martina Bozokova, Ciça Bracale, Lucas Cappelli, Ovidiu Cincheza, Tomas Diez, Dyox, Hiba El Youssoufi, Rikke Frances…

StudioP52 at Get Set Festival 2012 > Oporto


Part of the StudioP52 crew (Lucas, Michal, Ovidiu and Tomas) was invited to the 2012 edition of the Get Set Festival in Oporto. The festival is a gathering of art, technology and creativity which happens once a year in the center of the Portuguese city. This year Get Set Festival will be is 3 differente Places. Cinema Trindade will host all lectures and some workshops. The House will host few exhibition under the theme “Decadent Beauty” and some workshops will be given at the Opo’Lab space.

StudioP52 had different participations: we brought an installation called ScreamBox, based on the well known ScreenBooth, both conceived by Ovidiu Cincheza, and designed by Michal Kukucka. We also presented the StudioP52 project in the night of Friday, sharing with the audience how to build a creative and collaborative space out of a destroyed building, pretty much related with the subject of the festival.

You can see the pictures of the ScreamBox here:

We will post the video of the conference soon!

El Poble Joc > Thursday 13th of September 2012

Next StudioP52 opening: Poblejoc, vols jugar?

When? Thursday 13th of September 2012
What? An event organized by StudioP52 family to celebrate creativity and community with the Poble Nou neighborhood
Where? at StudioP52, Pujades 52, Barcelona

Come and share with us in a interactive and collaborative opening!


Facebook event:

Poblejoc, vols jugar?

Pinta, salta, construeix, pedaleja, imagina i mor. Descobreix què tens en comú amb la gent del barri participant en divertits treballs artístics. Tot cap en el joc.

Ens veiem d’aqui poc.


Poblejoc, quieres jugar?

Pinta, salta, construye, pedalea, imagina y muere. Descubre qué tienes en común con la gente del barrio participando en divertidos trabajos artísticos. Todo cabe en el juego.

!Nos vemos en el pueblo nuevo!


Poblejoc, wanna play?

Paint, jump, build, pedal, imagine and die. Discover what you have in common with people from the neighborhood taking part in playful artworks. Come to have fun in Poblenou!

Non5ens3 > Studio p52 Exhibition > Saturday 28th of April 2012

Join us on Saturday, April 28th at NonSense 5.2 event at StudioP52* NonSense 5.2 is a celebration of our senses. Come explore your sensory perceptivity** through an interactive representation of what we find when exploring our´s. 20.00 > Opening Exhibition 21.00-22.00 > Interactive Performance Installation 22.00-23.00 > Live band by ¨Sofphie and friends¨ 23.00-23.15 >…