Non5ens3 > Studio p52 Exhibition > Saturday 28th of April 2012

Join us on Saturday, April 28th at NonSense 5.2 event at StudioP52*

NonSense 5.2 is a celebration of our senses.
Come explore your sensory perceptivity** through an interactive representation of what we find when exploring our´s.

20.00 > Opening Exhibition
21.00-22.00 > Interactive Performance Installation
22.00-23.00 > Live band by ¨Sofphie and friends¨
23.00-23.15 > Dancing Performance, ¨The fire¨
23.15-00.15 > Dj Kuba
00.15-01.15 > Dj Vilma

*) Studio P52
an international platform for communal creation with 15 multidisciplinar resident artists

**) sensory perceptivity
the ability to perceive, to feel. Tests for this are based on the assumption that the observer can differentiate between a reflex response and a central perception.