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Valentino Caruso, was decided my romantic name.

A curious mind or maybe delusion made me a passionate dynamo and my main mission is: finding the most relevant art of this century*.

The ways to accomplish this are plenty. To me, the three most important are:
I direct Amuleto, an art gallery based in Barcelona, focused on Emergening Art. We develop young artists’ careers, educate art lovers about collecting, and use new technologies to share the art.

All of the information at: &

I host a weekly Art Club, together with a group of painters and writers, were we talk about art history, concept, theory and we expand our understanding of it.

Host of The Painting Show! A TV program on Youtube and Instagram where I invite people from a wide range of professions to debate and talk about a painting without any contextual knowledge of it! The mission? Explore basic tools for how to start/ have a dialogue with paintings anywhere and everywhere.

Link: Caruso. (

Always open for collaborations:
Always ready for anything: @roquentin_a & @amuleto_Art

*for more information on how I decide this, you can contact me through E-mail or Instagram