SUPERNOVA T-34 > The world is not the same anymore


The end of the world is usually taken as a catastrophic event in which a big tsunami, a massive volcano, or an asteroid will hit the planet and make us disappear. The mayans believed that the end of the world refers to the end of a thousands of year cycle, in which we will enter in a new energetic era, and the world as we know it will change. If you think about the last 20 years, you can realize that it just happened, the world has changed, we have changed, and will continuing changing. In StudioP52 we just wanted to make a cool and new age excuse to organize one of our periodical events, which counted with a great set of artists, creators and performers from Barcelona and the world.

SUPERNOVA T-34 gathered a fantastic group of creative people who wanted to express in different ways what the end of the world means to them, from the more artistic and abstract perspective to the direct relation with our planet and the implications of its disappearance.


Artists who performed in SUPERNOVA:
Ioana Bacanu
Philippe Bertrand
Martina Bozokova
Lucas Cappelli
Janet Jaeyeon Chon
Ovidiu Cincheza
Tomas Diez
Hannes DonUan
Eva Domènech
Hiba El Youssoufi
Paola Milovic Fabregat
Daniel González Franco
Katharine Gray
Martin Gutmann
Tony Higutchi
Michal Kukucka
Areti Markopoulou
Claudia Oliviera
Alejandro Padron
Nacho Padron
Cristobal Pereira
Marte Roel
Yannick Julien Rohrer
Axel Stentun
Rikke Frances Wahl
Colectivo Friendship
Rayo Verde
Visuales Nidra
Doru Mihai Talos
Pablo Valencia