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Cool and Brazilian.
What else is there to get you going on Brazil ?
…Some of you may not be familiar with the art of fresh new talents from South America. Hailing from Rio, I’ve been a busy bee blowing unique, fresh, and forward-thinking design. I came in Barcelona one year ago and I tried to do my stuff based on unending work ethic and a determination to succeed no matter what.

I don’t force things. I think that people who force things get forced out. I let it come to me naturally, slowly, pace myself, have fun, and I do it as long as I love it. Otherwise, it’s not worth doing.

Seriously, I just have fun… and this journey brought me here, in love with art. I’m gonna heat elements of skateboarding, brazilian culture and underground Barcelona around the glowing core of creativity to create one of the lushest fusions in the scene!