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Lot Amorós
Computer engineer & transdisciplinary artist.

I use art as a strategic field of expression and research. I didn’t found in any other discipline the freedom that I need for communicate deeply conceptual information in unexpected levels, with the aim of promote critical attitudes in the society.

My works usually have a technological background seeking the hack of perception, but I always keep working within the reality, in the range of the possible, not only with its representation. By using the abstraction of computer programming for develop artwork,software gets other forms of representation and meaning. Digital counterparts needs to be re-linked in the physical world, converging in the final result. Laboratory tests should be implemented on the real world. That’s the challenge of my process.

Since I discovered the godlike position of drones, they involved me until be my main field of research. Drones crystallize the power of technology over humans. I’m gather mythologies and narratives for hypothesise the new drone society.

In my stay of several months in P52, I developed the artwork Smart
Surveillance, a representation of ubiquitous drone surveillance

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