Studio 08 > Janet Jaeyeon Chon

Little philosopher from Seoul, Korea.

I came to Barcelona to be honest to myself. And I fell in love with Barcelona, myself and you.
I just want to share my life with you and laugh about it.
That is all. That is all what I want.

Studio 07 > Hiba El Youssoufi

Sound gives measure, depth and shape to the spaces we inhabit. My work is about seeking this close relationship between what we feel and what we experience, in this hysterical world. It’s all about music and architecture, silence and light, moments we live and spaces we love … from Meknès, Marrakesh, Paris and Barcelona, to Somewhere.


Studio 12 > Martin Gutmann

“Wandering between the circumstances I encounter in my life I’m always trying to get rid of my preoccupations, trying to find and welcome the positive aspects and integrate them into my conglomerate of – sometimes – contradictory interrests.

My life so far:
From the east to the west – from the austrian countryside to the world – from building and mechanical assembly to history – from history to architecture, to art, to daoism, to photography, from one extreme to the other.

Studio 05 > Jaouad Lizati

Jaouad Lizati

Director of Communications and Web Development Engineer

Dedicated freelance worker for almost 10 years in the field of multimedia communications. I have a practical experience in all web trades, from creation to photography, development to integration, optimization to marketing, in positions from project manager to branch manager.

Web Perso : ->
Agency : ->
Application : ->

Studio 03 > Yannick Rohrer

Considering myself as a citizen of the world, I am constantly looking for new experiences and contact with different cultures. Born in Switzerland, but living in countries such as Colombia and Brazil, I decided to follow a hospitality career based on that multi-cultural aspect of my life. I am currently studying hospitality in Lausanne from where I left for a 6 month internship. My passion for art brought me to Barcelona where I will be staying for that time. This city is a stage to my eyes where inspiration comes from any level. I hope to learn from other artists, locals or passing just like me, in the hope of creating the best combination possible between my passion and my professional life. My work represents nature in it’s most colorful and psychedelic aspects. Painted flowers never die!

Studio 03 > James Cronin

Artist: James Cronin / UK
Graphic Designer

Currently on the Erasmus exchange programme, studying Diseno Grafico in Bau, Escuela de Diseno not far from the studio. I have a passion for innovative design and communicating with an audience. My role as a Graphic Designer is to solve problems visually and create work that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.

Please feel free to check out my portfolio and blog below:



Studio 13 > Mark Nieborg

My name is Mark Nieborg, I’m 28 years old and from The Netherlands. I’ve only been in Barcelona for a few months, but I feel at home already. I graduated Psychology 2 years ago, now I’m trying to combine it with my longtime passion; Art. Currently working for Apple but it’s not slowing me down from realizing my dream; starting a business and doing projects in which I can combine both Psychology and Arts. A part from helping people, I’m focussing on introducing different forms of Art in the life of kids. Developing the talent that’s already there….

Studio 05 > Laila Tafur + Mike Guerrero

Laila Tafur

She likes to work mostly on borders, between image and action, performance and installation. Using the body as a tool to transcend physical and theoretical domains. Her baggage is the one of dancer, from classical ballet to non-technique things, keeping the questions about professional and amateur, well done and bad done, right and wrong. She developed her career between Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Berlin, Lisbon, Barcelona, Ibiza and Granada in order to mount up a long list of skill, experiences, habits, information around what performance is or how is the future for contemporary dance, and in her own words: “I didn’t find any answer at the moment. Maybe out of Europe, in a place with no memory in contemporary dance, a fresh spot…”

Mike Guerrero

One day he decided to leave his career from the world of construction to do a discovery trip in India. There, drawing between temples, cities and dust, he discovered that his vocation was to design. Back to his original town in Granada he worked developing projects in urban scale; within the network Murcia31, obtainning several prizes. Later, he founded Miga Arquitectura with the artist and programmer Ángel Muñoz, after receiving the Andalusian Design Prize. After leaving his activity in Miga he started his research in structures based in sand; assisted by prototyping systems added to industrial machines. Building several sculptures on the desert of Sahara and the beach of Barceloneta; His activity is now focused on the parametric production of solar houses, performance scenography and sculptures that distort rizomatic orders…

Studio 07 > Théophile Reygade

Picture of Fez, very important because my grand father was a butcher

” Artist ” : Théophile Reygade
Student of architecture

I’m here for echange erasmus with La Salle. I was born in a very little city in france, around the montain,so i’m really attached/love with the nature feeling. It’s very important part of me. I was a semi professional rugbyman during 3 years, i love sports.
So live in a studio like P52,this is a really different atmosphere compared to my usual but I like it a lot. It changes me, it’s a really important moment of my life …. thank you P52