404 – INEFABLE. Studio P52 Exhibition. Saturday 11th of May. 20hrs

Which frequencies could allow us listen to each other?
Which senses, numbers, dialects, what means, which actions?
404 INEFABLE is a celebration of any kind of communication, perception and social interaction.

On May 11th, StudioP52 presents a selection of works by 20 international artists who propose different lectures and expressions on any transfer of information.

Evolution,Diversity, and Reconstruction.
Senses,History and Codes!

Come join us to an art explosion and a theory of MANY MINDS!

20.00. Exhibition Opening
21.30. Performance INEFABLE (I)
22.00. Performance INEFABLE (II)
22.30. BEATSPOKE Live Concert
23.30. Dj Leo-Dj Axel, Dj Sara

Artists exhibiting:
Cecilia Amicone
Hannes Annderson
Luciana Asinari
Ioana Bacanu
Marc LeBlanc
Martina Bozokova
Ciça Bracale
Lucas Cappelli
Ovidiu Cincheza
Tomas Diez
Hiba El Youssoufi
Rikke Frances Wahl
Mara Giliberti
Daniel Gonzales
Katharine Gray
Martin Gutmann
Håvard Hølland
Tony Higuchi
Janet Jaeyeon Chon
Areti Markopoulou
Leo Maratrat
Daniela Medina
Noemi Moreno Moreno
Glazione Rocha
Anastasia Pistofidou
Axel Stentun
Laila Tafur

Colabora: Estrella Damm


StudioP52 at Get Set Festival 2012 > Oporto

studio p52 @ Get Set Festival from Ovidiu Cincheza on Vimeo.

Part of the StudioP52 crew (Lucas, Michal, Ovidiu and Tomas) was invited to the 2012 edition of the Get Set Festival in Oporto. The festival is a gathering of art, technology and creativity which happens once a year in the center of the Portuguese city. This year Get Set Festival will be is 3 differente Places. Cinema Trindade will host all lectures and some workshops. The House will host few exhibition under the theme “Decadent Beauty” and some workshops will be given at the Opo’Lab space.

StudioP52 had different participations: we brought an installation called ScreamBox, based on the well known ScreenBooth, both conceived by Ovidiu Cincheza, and designed by Michal Kukucka. We also presented the StudioP52 project in the night of Friday, sharing with the audience how to build a creative and collaborative space out of a destroyed building, pretty much related with the subject of the festival.

You can see the pictures of the ScreamBox here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.357912474299096.86045.357781354312208&type=1

We will post the video of the conference soon!

Non5ens3 > Studio p52 Exhibition > Saturday 28th of April 2012

Join us on Saturday, April 28th at NonSense 5.2 event at StudioP52*, www.studiop52.com

NonSense 5.2 is a celebration of our senses.
Come explore your sensory perceptivity** through an interactive representation of what we find when exploring our´s.

20.00 > Opening Exhibition
21.00-22.00 > Interactive Performance Installation
22.00-23.00 > Live band by ¨Sofphie and friends¨
23.00-23.15 > Dancing Performance, ¨The fire¨
23.15-00.15 > Dj Kuba
00.15-01.15 > Dj Vilma

*) Studio P52
an international platform for communal creation with 15 multidisciplinar resident artists

**) sensory perceptivity
the ability to perceive, to feel. Tests for this are based on the assumption that the observer can differentiate between a reflex response and a central perception.

Fab Art @ Studio P52

FabArt at StudioP52 from lucas cappelli on Vimeo.

Video de la primera exhibicion organizada por el colectivo Fab Art en Studio P52 en Diciembre de 2011. Fab Art es un proyecto que relaciona la tecnologia con los diferentes medios de expresion artisitica, relacionandolos con el mundo fisico de una manera fluida.

FabArt > Studio P52 > Sab 17 de Diciembre 2011

FabArt es un colectivo que explora nuevos puntos de contacto entre la creación artística y los nuevos medios de la fabricación digital, a través de la creación de nuevos métodos de producción que vinculan el mundo fisico con el digital.

El Sábado 17 de Diciembre se expondran trabajos y se haran performances relacionados con FabArt en StudioP52

20.00: Apertura de la exposición: la participación de 25 artistas internacionales
21.00: Mi Arma, Danza Contemporanea por Laila Tafur
21.15: Summer Showers, Caesar C. / Butoh
22.00: concierto en vivo de http://www.beatspoke.com/ BEATSPOKE,

FabArt 2011. por Lucas C. / Areti M. / Tomás D.
En colaboración con el Ministerio de Cultura del Gobierno de España

HALLOWEEN @ P52!. Monday 31st Oct 2011. 20hs

Monday 31st Oct 2011. 20hs
Come Dressed Up!
Free Entrance: BYOB (trae tu bebida)