404 – INEFABLE. Studio P52 Exhibition. Saturday 11th of May

INEFABLE is our last event at Studio P52. Here is the video with the resume of an amazing night of painting, performance, interactive art and much more.

Artists exhibiting: Cecilia Amicone, Hannes Annderson, Luciana Asinari, Ioana Bacanu, Marc LeBlanc, Martina Bozokova, Ciça Bracale, Lucas Cappelli, Ovidiu Cincheza, Tomas Diez, Dyox, Hiba El Youssoufi, Rikke Frances Wahl, Mara Giliberti, Daniel Gonzales, Katharine Gray, Martin Gutmann, Håvard Hølland, Tony Higuchi, Janet Jaeyeon Chon, Areti Markopoulou, Leo Maratrat, Daniela Medina, Noemi Moreno Moreno, Glazione Rocha, Anastasia Pistofidou, Axel Stentun, Laila Tafur.


Video by: Leon Guallart (Leonmen)

Colabora: Estrella Damm

Which frequencies could allow us listen to each other?
Which senses, numbers, dialects, what means, which actions?
404 INEFABLE is a celebration of any kind of communication, perception and social interaction.

On May 11th, StudioP52 presents a selection of works by 20 international artists who propose different lectures and expressions on any transfer of information.

Evolution,Diversity, and Reconstruction.
Senses,History and Codes!

Come join us to an art explosion and a theory of MANY MINDS!

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