Studio 01> Tom Brown

With an affinity for lo-fi technology, Australian producer Bromtown samples from rare vintage sources to create nostalgic electronica.
Working exclusively from sampled material, his subtle production has garnered him a reputation for “deep, sultry RnB”.
His DJ sets are eccentric, melding contrasting genres to generate a soulful mood. These live performances have taken him from his new hub in Barcelona to other corners of Europe in 2014. During these travels he collects moving picture and field recordings to develop original audiovisual live sets for 2015.

7 AM > Studiop52 Exhibition > Saturday 26th of April 2014 > 19hs.

Art + Interaction + Performance + Music !

StudioP52 presents a selection of works from almost 50 international artists, who through different disciplines seek to express their own vision of “awakening”..
 7AM  is a look into the new awakening through our senses and a reflection about our daily life and routines…Stop sleeping. Wake up!
Join us in this artistic… vortex!
19hs Exhibition Opening
21hs Performance
22hs Reactable Demo
Free Entrance.
Aitor Aloa Thomas M. Brown Lucas Cappelli Owen Dakin Tomas Diez Antonia Eisberg Dasha Farsh Fraser Hanna Helena Gerhard Ruby Hatfield Hashem Joucka Natalie Lonsdale Olivia Lux Areti Markopoulou Thomas Minten Dimitri Rowe Mariana Luz Ticheli Meg Vandezande
Hannes Andersson Luciana Asinari Silvia Brandi Maite Biràn David Dalmazzo Alexandre Dubor Claudia Eres Anna Fando Gersound Mara Giliberti Oti Goodhind Tom Haiton My maanmies Mathilde Marengo Diego Martin Nayade  Martín Pérez Anastasia Pistofidou Anna Popova Chirag Rangholia Bridgit Thomas Ondeone Trbdsgn