Studio 09 > Carey England

Carey studied Architecture and History of Art at the University of Michigan. She is interested in analyzing the symbiotic relations of people as subcomponents to the mechanism that is the cosmopolitan metropolis and how architecture is used as the facilitator to stimulate experiences that generate its liveliness. She enjoys deconstructing the social history of built environments that have produced cult followers to achieve a greater understanding of their developmental progression. She likes to distinguish the elements that make a community desirable in which people identify themselves with. She studies how cultures, and people interact, reciprocate, and re-appropriate spaces to meet our changing needs.

Studio 10 > Cecilia Amicone

Nacida en Argentina, pero dando vueltas por el mundo desde hace 6 años, pasando por toda Europa y sobre todo en España, donde he pintado diferentes murales artisticos. Llegue a Barcelona con la idea de estudiar bellas artes, sin embargo terminé haciendo un profesorado en Kundalini Yoga, y además me convertí en terapeuta de Reiki, en resumen: otros artes.

Me dedico a hacer diferentes tipos de arte, aunque los murales han sido donde he encontrado la mejor expresion, a traves de un trazo sensible, como lo decia uno de mis profesores.

Soy ciudadana del mundo, disfrutando la vida experimentando, aprendiendo y compartiendo.

Studio 08 > Janet Jaeyeon Chon

Little philosopher from Seoul, Korea.

I came to Barcelona to be honest to myself. And I fell in love with Barcelona, myself and you.
I just want to share my life with you and laugh about it.
That is all. That is all what I want.

Studio 03 > Glazione Rocha

Cool and Brazilian.
What else is there to get you going on Brazil ?
…Some of you may not be familiar with the art of fresh new talents from South America. Hailing from Rio, I’ve been a busy bee blowing unique, fresh, and forward-thinking design. I came in Barcelona one year ago and I tried to do my stuff based on unending work ethic and a determination to succeed no matter what.
I don’t force things. I think that people who force things get forced out. I let it come to me naturally, slowly, pace myself, have fun, and I do it as long as I love it. Otherwise, it’s not worth doing.
Seriously, I just have fun… and this journey brought me here, in love with art. I’m gonna heat elements of skateboarding, brazilian culture and underground Barcelona around the glowing core of creativity to create one of the lushest fusions in the scene!

Studio 11 > Katharine Gray

U.K./ South Africa
Visual anthropologist exploring the grey area between art and science, collecting and creating visual rarities of the still and moving variety. Currently enjoying adventures in found-footage, musicology, education, planes, trains and automobiles.

Ethnographic documentary 9 Parcelas y un Solar (2012)
Anthropology Contributor BCN Mes Newspaper

Studio 07 > Hiba El Youssoufi

Sound gives measure, depth and shape to the spaces we inhabit. My work is about seeking this close relationship between what we feel and what we experience, in this hysterical world. It’s all about music and architecture, silence and light, moments we live and spaces we love … from Meknès, Marrakesh, Paris and Barcelona, to Somewhere.


Studio 13 > Marc LeBlanc

Marc LeBlanc, is a lebanese photographer / director of photography, his work mostly revolves around documentaries, fashion, portrays and under water cinematography projects using analogue cinematic techniques.
After graduating in cinema and photography from USEK in 2009, he moved to Barcelona – Spain to take part of a master degree in under water cinematography at Afilm Sitges Spain.
He is currently working as a free lance photographer and director of photography in Barcelona – Spain.
His work has been shown in Beirut, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin.

Studio 12 > Martin Gutmann

“Wandering between the circumstances I encounter in my life I’m always trying to get rid of my preoccupations, trying to find and welcome the positive aspects and integrate them into my conglomerate of – sometimes – contradictory interrests.

My life so far:
From the east to the west – from the austrian countryside to the world – from building and mechanical assembly to history – from history to architecture, to art, to daoism, to photography, from one extreme to the other.