Studio 05 > Laila Tafur + Mike Guerrero

Laila Tafur

She likes to work mostly on borders, between image and action, performance and installation. Using the body as a tool to transcend physical and theoretical domains. Her baggage is the one of dancer, from classical ballet to non-technique things, keeping the questions about professional and amateur, well done and bad done, right and wrong. She developed her career between Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Berlin, Lisbon, Barcelona, Ibiza and Granada in order to mount up a long list of skill, experiences, habits, information around what performance is or how is the future for contemporary dance, and in her own words: “I didn’t find any answer at the moment. Maybe out of Europe, in a place with no memory in contemporary dance, a fresh spot…”

Mike Guerrero

One day he decided to leave his career from the world of construction to do a discovery trip in India. There, drawing between temples, cities and dust, he discovered that his vocation was to design. Back to his original town in Granada he worked developing projects in urban scale; within the network Murcia31, obtainning several prizes. Later, he founded Miga Arquitectura with the artist and programmer Ángel Muñoz, after receiving the Andalusian Design Prize. After leaving his activity in Miga he started his research in structures based in sand; assisted by prototyping systems added to industrial machines. Building several sculptures on the desert of Sahara and the beach of Barceloneta; His activity is now focused on the parametric production of solar houses, performance scenography and sculptures that distort rizomatic orders…