eme3+urban activators @ StudioP52/Monday 30th January ,17.00

StudioP52 hosted the Urban Activators workshop, consisting on a huge Inflatable structure setup at the spaces of our building, allowing performances and community exchange within ephimeral structures:

more about the workshop:
The International Architecture Festival EME3 presents the Urban Activators workshop that will be hosted at the COAC (Col·legi Oficial d’Arquitectes de Catalunya), as part of their eme3_on activities program. The workshop will be a professional forum, live public installation and an exhibition discussing the informal processes of activating our urban environment. Most importantly this workshop will promote and communicate the rich quantity of unsolicited urban actions, interventions and activations that recent world events have been proposing, debating and enacting.

Urban Activators calls on architects, designers, activists and the general public for new strategies of public activation. Our proposal for the Urban Activators workshop is to work on inflatable devices, light and portable pavilions which may temporarily activate public space within the city of Barcelona, Spain.

Design and construct Mobile-Elastic-Portable Inflatable structures with an objective to turn public areas into active spaces.

17.00: Inflatable structure demonstration
17.30: Live broadcast BTV
17.45:P52 Structure Installation
18.00: Live jazz band + Aperitif
21.00: End event