Studio 12 > Ariana

Ariana Cardenas Vargas
Actress / Audiovisual artist

Short Bio: Moving in the area between film and theater, I use my video editing studies and my work as an actress to play with multi-visual arts as I experiment with disguise. Currently studying musical theater,  feeling curious about video art and VJing, and developing a project that uses burlesque to work with the body and elements of undressing as a tool to change attitudes and prejudices against the female natural body in today’s society.  It’s showtime!

HALLOWEEN @ P52!. Monday 31st Oct 2011. 20hs

Monday 31st Oct 2011. 20hs
Come Dressed Up!
Free Entrance: BYOB (trae tu bebida)

Studio 10 > Jenna

Jenna Mann

I was raised in Brooklyn, New York. I started learning how to develop film and work in a darkroom when I was 11 years old and since then have always pursed my interest in the process of developing pictures. I often use old cameras including a Polaroid in which for the past two years I have dedicated to producing my artwork. I also sometimes like to draw my photographs. I try to incorporate my interest in psychology into my work.

Studio 09 > Janine

Janine Marie Conley – BA Hons Interior Architecture and Design
Homes: UK, Cairo, Dubai and Barcelona

Inspirations: Everywhere and Everything
Current interest: Urban Design
Why Barcelona?..
The Kiosk- Japanese Teriyaki Burgers
The diverse nationalities
The Regular and Irregular streets that help me to get lost and make new discoveries everyday

Studio 08 > Stephanie

Stephanie Moran – painter/sculptor

I am a recent graduate of History of Art, and have moved here from London to do an art foundation course. I am from Palestine, Greece, and the UK and grew up in Jamaica, Jordan, and Belgium. My passions are music, travelling, film, cooking, art and architecture. I work mainly with painting and sculpture, but am open to experimenting with all materials.

Studio 06 > Ovidiu

Cincheza Ovidiu Călin
Date and place of birth: 21 April 1982, Timisoara, Romania

Contact: 0034 622 301 160 / / / Barcelona, Spain
2011 – present Fotografia Autor, Institut D’Estudis Fotografics de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
2005-2006 Master in Science “Automotive Embedded Systems”, University Politehnica Timisoara, Romania
2000-2005 BS Computer Science, Faculty of Automations and Computers, University Politehnica Timisoara, Romania
1996-2000 highschool “Grigore Moisil”, Timisoara
Activity area: Photography

Exhibitions :
2005-2010 Multiple group exhibitions with Iris Photo Club in various locations Timisoara
2009 – “Intimacy in the public space Bucharest-Berlin” Transylvania International Film Festival, Cluj, Romania

Studio 02 > Kara

Kara Liebowitz, Artist and Anthropology student 

I am a New York City based artist and a student of Anthropology at New York University as well. 
In terms of my process relating to my painting, I like to work large because it allows me to move freely with my body, arm, and hand. In turn, I primarily paint with oils because of the fluidity and expressiveness which they allow me. My focus right now is on figurative paintings of women. I hope to explore the relationship between gender and sexuality in terms of representation, ideas, attitudes, actions, beliefs, and practices. It is possible to interpret the women I depict as an objectification of women in general so I think it important to emphasize that my goal is not to perpetuate stereotypes that entrap women.
I believe there to be a great deal of strength that can be derived from one’s sexuality and it is pivotal to the construction of selfhood. I struggle to understand this with my paintings and ultimately I hope to challenge paradigms about art by making people question themselves.
I reside in a fifth floor walkup in the West Village (Greenwich Village in Manhattan) with two hairless cats named Igby and Nefertiti. Their natural curiosity and off beat looks and demeanor inspire me.

Studio 03 > Paula


Originally from Germany, I spent the last ten years living in New York, Paris, Montreal and Cairo. Away from more familiar shores, including a possible career as an international lawyer, I came to P52 to explore my passion for photography and discover new oceans.

Studio 01 > Michal + Martina

Michal Kukucka, Industrial designer / Martina Bozokova, Barmaid

We came to Barcelona having already decided to stay and it worked out :) Martina is a skillfull barmaid, and she loves put smiles on people’s faces with her delicious cocktails. After she gets everyone drunk, then she passes the time by drawing on them :)  
After i finished my industrial design degree, i came to Barcelona for my internship and now i’m focusing my attention an creating industrial designs of any kind. I love to design practical objects of everyday needs, with eye catching aesthetics, balanced proportions and comfortable ergonomics.
more at