Artist: Caroline Ragozzino/France
Fashion Designer

French, originally from Italy, I studied languages and international business before specializing myself in Fashion and Design in Paris.
Having a passion for these sectors, I travelled a lot and worked for the largest groups such as L’Oréal and Inditex Group.
I speak 4 languages, I love dancing, cooking and I am an Hipstamatic addict :-) with which I shot my pictures…


Artist: Aki Weston Murai/Japan

My name is Aki Weston Murai, my blood is from Tokio, but I was born in Los Ángeles. Therefore, i stand in between those two culturesI love both Kaminarimon and downtown LA. I am a writer of poems and short novels, sometimes I also draw..


Artist: Fanny Loustalet/France
Event Planner


Artist: Silvia Lackner/Austria


Artist: Christopher Henri/France

me : .music. (tinkering)
and I think about water, often,
and dance in this theatre on fire, sometimes.


Artist: Maria Skjonsberg/Norway
Textile Artist

My work is related to pattern.
Pattern as structural,
symmetric, asymmetric
and a repetition of a set of lines and forms.

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Artist: Alexandra Rivet/France

Haze is a work who’s presented at the P52 Studio for the first time,
I present photography, video and dancing performances.
This project is at first a human experience, a meeting with dancers and a musician.
The topic of is work is how to show dance and how to dance in a different way.


Artist: David Evans/U.K

I’m David. I read some things and write some things, often about bicycles but sometimes about more interesting things.


Artist: Sanjin Ulezic/Slovenia

Interested in exploring the social implications of art and culture, especially in a community setting